Claude Monet
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Monet's Art

"Coquelicots, environs d' Argenteuil, 1873" by Claude Monet
"Coquelicots, environs
d' Argenteuil, 1873"
"Church at Vetheuil" by Claude Monet
"Church at Vetheuil"
"Chrysanthemums, 1878" by Claude Monet
"Chrysanthemums, 1878"

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Monet PortraitIF MONET IS REGARDED AS THE IMPRESSIONIST par excellence, one must admit that both Degas and Renoir also have their own special qualities. Cézanne, too, merits individual study, although his development in relation to later art seems to set him somewhat apart from the Impressionist movement as a whole. However, when considered with reference to Monet's life and work, the concepts applied in interpreting Impressionist art - in particular, those of the impression, the stroke, the contrast of colors, and the consistency with which the consequences of the Impressionist ideas visible at the beginning of an artist's career are elaborated in the long course of that individual career - make Monet's position central." [Read More]